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“Learning… the basis of understanding comes from tinkering.”
John Seely Brown

All students learn differently. Many researchers believe that we have multiple intelligences and therefore have different aptitudes for learning. Most educational researchers will concur that active learners rather than passive learners are better able to understand and transfer more complex material more effectively.

Through the adoption and integration of advanced visualization and interactive technologies in the curriculum, training and classrooms we can begin to offer more immersive and interactive methods of learning and doing. We can begin the shift from the organization of learning to the enabling of learning from the information age  to the interaction age. In Clayton M. Christensen’s new book, “Disrupting Class – How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns,” he explains how customized learning (addressing multiple intelligences) will help many more students succeed in school. He also believes that Student-centric classrooms will increase the demand for new technology.



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